Rachelle’s Story


With a focus and background on newborns with developmental delays Rachelle created a gentle sleep training process that is effective for all babies. When new parents find themselves stressed during the night with a lack of sleep and a screaming baby, she is there with a calmness that translates to everyone, parents and babies alike. Her intuitiveness to nonverbal signs and ability to quickly pick up on those signs allow her to be a baby whisperer in your home. By syncing those together and recognizing that sleep training is not just age and weight related but more so age, weight, and current state of development of the baby, she is able to achieve the perfect balance required for longer stretches of sleep at night. Looking at the whole picture and always adjusting it appropriately to where each baby is at will ensure a great night’s sleep for baby and parents.


When you’ve met the baby’s needs everything falls into place easily.

It naturally happens when the right sleep tools are in place. Rachelle helps create a balance of sleep, calories and meeting the needs during the day and at night. By implementing these small steps, Rachelle will guide your little one to sleeping through the night organically.


Rachelle’s greatest love in life is being a mom and being near her family.

Some of her favorite memories are having the entire family together just for a simple family BBQ. As a Colorado native she is able to remain close to her friends and family. Within Rachelle’s career it’s been a point to build a community and a support system that takes away the isolation that so many moms tell Rachelle they feel in the postpartum period.


It’s important to her to share her education and experience in a family’s home especially knowing it can bring harmony.  Introducing a baby to a family is an added dynamic that family’s need time to adjust to and create the balance of their new normal. Rachelle’s greatest talent is taking care of babies and is her purpose is in this world. She is extremely grateful that she’s been able to share her passion with so many families.

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