Who is This For?

If you’re still reading, then you might want to get an idea of just who the Baby Created Sleep Method© is for before you pick one of the ways to work with me. My program works most effectively for parents who:

  • Are high-level leaders in their careers
  • Have busy work and social calendars
  • Have two income earners in the household
  • Are public figures with demanding schedules
  • Are the type of parents who know the value of a cherished night of sleep
  • Are perfectly fine having others watch their children to give them a mental and physical break
  • Love their children immensely
  • Want to learn how to help their baby sleep a full night on their own
  • Desire information about caloric intake and circadian rhythms
  • Want to become a “baby whisperer” and learn nutrition-based ways to calm your child

Who is This Not For?

Now that said, there are some types of parents who don’t get as much out of this program. They could be parents who might agree with some of these statements. The Baby Created Sleep Method© is not for parents who:

  • Don’t mind waking 1-100 times a night to soothe a fussy baby
  • Have a flexible schedule and can sleep anytime they like
  • Think that skipping the “hard parts” of parenting is taking the easy way out
  • Never hire a babysitter and rarely socialize or leave the house
  • Do not have a demanding career

A good night’s sleep is right around the corner.

And, there are such to be many to follow after that when you start using my Baby Created Sleep Method©. Email me if you have any questions I haven’t answered yet.

I love to help parents discover this magical method of “sleep training” that actually involves your baby training you on their patterns and development. 

Then, using caloric intake and weight, as well as routine and some tips that you’ll discover once we start working together, you’ll soon discover that you have the magic to help your baby sleep long, uninterrupted lengths, giving them a kiss in the evening and waking with refreshed smiles and eyes on both of your glowing faces.

Yes. This can be your reality. I know because it worked for me and countless other families I’ve worked with.

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“Rachelle was amazing with our preemie twins!

She was absolutely amazing and gave great tips for day crying and sleeping as well. Could not have survived those first months without her! A true blessing!”

– Double Sleepy Mama