{ a program to magically help your baby soothe and sleep }

The quick breakdown is that my nutrition-based method, the Baby Created Sleep Method© is the only method you’ll need for your baby’s entire first year.


Sleep training. Radical concept? 

What if I could tell you that I have created the ultimate guide for parents to help their baby sleep through the night at every stage in their first year. And, it actually doesn’t involve crying it out or any sort of “sleep training” at all.

“Rather than attempting to train your baby’s behavior, you will focus on reading your baby’s signals of readiness for the next transition.” – Author, Rachelle Gershkovich

Parents, Does This Sound Familiar?

Organized new parents are always trying to be their very best, reading all the literature out there, consulting with family and friends, and buying the latest products. Yet, as much as you might try to ‘control the chaos’, babies have their own way of becoming the boss of you.

If you’re a working parent, new parent, stepparent, adoptive parent, busy parent, or any kind of parent who just wants a night of sleep and cherishes feeling alert and refreshed during the day, then you know the nightmare of waking up between 1-100 times a night to coddle your crying baby.

And, yet the thought of crying it out makes you cringe. Not wanting to psychologically “damage” your child, you wake in a dream-like state as you are surrounded by the wailing cries of your tiny human.

This activity, especially when repeated over time, can actually decrease your energy to the point where your daily life becomes something of a dream state too.

You spill coffee on yourself and forget your meeting notes. Or, maybe you snap at your spouse more and more on the “small things.” It’s not who you want to be at all! And, it’s not who you are. You’re just sleep-deprived!

Don’t get me wrong. As a new parent, nothing can describe the joy and connectedness with your baby!! Yet, it’s just not all rainbows and sugar plums and if you can relate to this, you’re most likely an extremely well organized parent who knows and is planning ahead, or an extremely sleep-deprived one needing some guidance.


That’s what I’m here for!

And, there are scores of parents that I’ve worked with who have seen their baby change with just a phone call or through one of my personalized family plans.

The Baby Created Sleep Method© simply takes your child’s current abilities (note that in the first year, we don’t look at age alone), along with her caloric intake, sleep cycles and motor skills in order to create a personalized plan for you.

“What happened next was like magic!” – Author, Rachelle Gershkovich

Using my background as a dietitian, once I started working with my daughter’s metabolism instead of her behavior, sleeping through the night was the new normal. The effects were almost immediate. Once I realized this was truly the only way to allow babies to create their own sleeping patterns, I started applying the method to each stage of growth, including addressing regressions and growth spurts.

The Baby Created Sleep Method© was truly a “magical” method of sleep training that I knew had to be shared with the world.

Curious or have a question? Email me or purchase your own copy of Creating Sweet Dreams to find the answers at each stage of your baby’s first year.

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“We had a great experience with Rachelle!

Our child was waking every two hours and was 9+ months old. I had tried many different approaches and nothing was helping. Rachelle helped me develop a plan and was available for questions anytime I needed to touch base.

I live out of state and I still felt like she made time for my calls. It was a process and she helped me every step of the way.  Now our child sleeps from 8-5 most nights!  

Thank you!!” – Sleepy Parents


When I started sharing the Baby Created Sleep Method© with parents, I was able to work with each and every parent one-on-one including an “Observation Night” with a detailed plan and follow-up. I still offer this plan, but to work with me privately and hands-on can be expensive.

If you are the type of parent who seeks in-person, individualized help, I am happy to meet with you. Just email me to get the conversation going about your current issues. 


While there is only so much of me to go around (literally!), I still want to reach more families. So, I also offer two additional ways to work together.

You can schedule a phone call with me which also includes an individualized plan and follow-up care. I have seen many clients sleeping situations do a complete 180 after just one phone call. Follow-up calls can also be arranged. This is a time-saving arrangement and still offers so much life-changing value. A great option for super busy families, please email me to arrange for a conference call. To work with me this way, I offer a sliding scale. You can expect a full plan to be somewhere between $250 – $495. Families tell me it was some of the best money they ever spent in the first few years of parenthood.

Or, you can also join the Creating Sweet Dreams community. You’ll receive our ultimate guidebook, Creating Sweet Dreams, access to our online community, monthly newsletters and email correspondence with me. This option is our most reachable program for many of our parents who find they have questions, but don’t necessarily need a full hour phone conversation or an in-home consultation. Monthly memberships are available for just $25.99.


Who is This For?

If you’re still reading, then you might want to get an idea of just who the Baby Created Sleep Method© is for before you pick one of the ways to work with me. My program works most effectively for parents who:

  • Are high-level leaders in their careers
  • Have busy work and social calendars
  • Have two income earners in the household
  • Are public figures with demanding schedules
  • Are the type of parents who know the value of a cherished night of sleep
  • Are perfectly fine having others watch their children to give them a mental and physical break
  • Love their children immensely
  • Want to learn how to help their baby sleep a full night on their own
  • Desire information about caloric intake and circadian rhythms
  • Want to become a “baby whisperer” and learn nutrition-based ways to calm your child

Who is This Not For?

Now that said, there are some types of parents who don’t get as much out of this program. They could be parents who might agree with some of these statements. The Baby Created Sleep Method© is not for parents who:

  • Don’t mind waking 1-100 times a night to soothe a fussy baby
  • Have a flexible schedule and can sleep anytime they like
  • Think that skipping the “hard parts” of parenting is taking the easy way out
  • Never hire a babysitter and rarely socialize or leave the house
  • Do not have a demanding career

A good night’s sleep is right around the corner.

And, there are such to be many to follow after that when you start using my Baby Created Sleep Method©. Email me if you have any questions I haven’t answered yet.

I love to help parents discover this magical method of “sleep training” that actually involves your baby training you on their patterns and development. 

Then, using caloric intake and weight, as well as routine and some tips that you’ll discover once we start working together, you’ll soon discover that you have the magic to help your baby sleep long, uninterrupted lengths, giving them a kiss in the evening and waking with refreshed smiles and eyes on both of your glowing faces.

Yes. This can be your reality. I know because it worked for me and countless other families I’ve worked with.



“Rachelle was amazing with our preemie twins!

She was absolutely amazing and gave great tips for day crying and sleeping as well. Could not have survived those first months without her! A true blessing!”

– Double Sleepy Mama



What You Get Out of the Baby Created Sleep Method© Program

Before you dive into the program, I want to tell you the extra things I give you, besides the only priceless one of a good night’s sleep! In addition to a good night’s sleep (finally), Baby Created Sleep Method© clients will also receive:

  • Personalized consultation answering all of your questions
  • Detailed and customized written plan to follow at home
  • A signed copy of Creating Sweet Dreams, the essential guidebook from Rachelle
  • Email support for questions that come up during implementation of the program
  • All access to our online community of parents with facilitation by Rachelle


Sound wonderful but still expecting?

Email me to get on our waiting list for when the time is right. And, if you’re ready now, get in touch to find out how to get a full night of sleep as soon as possible. The difference is night and day!



Got our twins sleeping through the night by 12 weeks and gave us way more sleep than we were getting. Thank you!”

– Sleeping Success Mama

“Fantastic experience. My baby was super fussy and getting up all the time — the only time I got sleep was when the night nannies came (we had them start coming the night we got home from the hospital).

Rachelle also did a great job helping with other tips and tricks that I could use when they weren’t with me. Would highly recommend!”

– Night Nanny to the Rescue for this Mom

“My husband and I will never forgot how helpful Rachelle was in helping our five month old sleep through the night.

Rachelle went above and beyond in providing our family with training, feedback and love. We will always cherish the memories of that time in our lives.”

– Cherished Memories Mama  

About the Author

Rachelle Gershkovich was a young mom who used her experience and education as a dietitian to “magically” help her daughter begin sleeping long stretches. Using caloric intake, routines, and understanding her baby’s development, Rachelle was able to create a system that worked during her newborn’s first year.

When she realized the method worked almost instantaneously, she knew she was on to something. Moms needed to know!

Now, Rachelle runs a national concierge nanny company, speaks to agencies and families, educates newborn specialists and manages to be an amazing mother to four children. As an author, Rachelle seeks to empower parents to learn the tools to make sleep and nutrition natural and healthy. Learn even more about Rachelle here…. (“I wanted to be like Nurse Nancy,” she says of how it all began….)


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