Rachelle’s Story


I Was Always Holding Babies

You know how you just know some things? Well, I was meant to hold and love babies. I’ve known it since the earliest of my memories. As long as I can remember, I always wanted to bring my dolls with me everywhere. They were my first “babies” and I cared for them like they were real life humans. I really wished they were real so many times. I daydreamed of my own family and what it would look like. I’d dream about how many kids I would have and what their first and middle names would be.

When I Met My First Child

I didn’t expect the way my life turned out. And, I ended up becoming a very young mother. When I met my first child… I can’t even tell you. I have never, ever felt so much love until then. And, now, all my practice from growing up was real life. Motherhood? I had to learn “on the job.” Yet, I always had this calling for motherhood, so it came naturally, yet still was scary at first.

Focusing Back on Me

After the birth of my sweet, perfect daughter, I wanted to really find what made my tick in the first place. It was, always has been, and always will be babies. Whether my own or someone else’s, this is my calling. With my daughter, I truly honed in on my expertise too. You see, I had been in school to become a dietitian, yet my heart was telling me to follow this path of loving and caring for babies. I tried to get my family in on my idea, but just like most new entrepreneurs, I had my skeptics. (I love you guys though!)

I Followed My Heart

Starting my first company, Maternal Instincts (a full service nanny agency providing postpartum and overnight baby nurses, sleep trainers and newborn care experts), was almost like giving birth again! Honestly… You give and give and give and try and try and try, hoping at first that you’ll succeed, but just like anything worth doing, there are always challenges.

Creating Sweet Dreams

Gratefully, I have been able to author my first book, Creating Sweet Dreams (a first-year essential guidebook on sleep and nutrition), host events for new parents, and offer my Baby Created Sleep© program to sleepy parents (who I can’t tell you how many times tell me that they got immediate results from the program). 

Rachelle Gershkovich was a young mom who used her experience and education as a dietitian to “magically” help her daughter begin sleeping long stretches. Using caloric intake, routines, and understanding her baby’s development, Rachelle was able to create a system that worked during her newborn’s first year.

Now, Rachelle runs a national concierge nanny company, speaks to agencies and families, educates newborn specialists and manages to be an amazing mother to four children. As an author, Rachelle seeks to empower parents to learn the tools to make sleep and nutrition natural and healthy. Learn even more about Rachelle here…. (“I wanted to be like Nurse Nancy,” she says of how it all began….)