Baby Created Sleep© Methodology

Parents, Does This Sound Familiar?

Organized new parents are always trying to be their very best, reading all the literature out there, consulting with family and friends, and buying the latest products. Yet, as much as you might try to ‘control the chaos’, babies have their own way of becoming the boss of you.


If you’re a working parent, new parent, stepparent, adoptive parent, busy parent, or any kind of parent who just wants a night of sleep and cherishes feeling alert and refreshed during the day, then you know the nightmare of waking up between 1-100 times a night to coddle your crying baby.


And, yet the thought of crying it out makes you cringe. Not wanting to psychologically “damage” your child, you wake in a dream-like state as you are surrounded by the wailing cries of your tiny human.


We don’t use the Cry-it-Out Method.

This activity, especially when repeated over time, can actually decrease your energy to the point where your daily life becomes something of a dream state too.


You spill coffee on yourself and forget your meeting notes. Or, maybe you snap at your spouse more and more on the “small things.” It’s not who you want to be at all! And, it’s not who you are. You’re just sleep-deprived!


Don’t get me wrong. As a new parent, nothing can describe the joy and connectedness with your baby!! Yet, it’s just not all rainbows and sugar plums and if you can relate to this, you’re most likely an extremely well organized parent who knows and is planning ahead, or an extremely sleep-deprived one needing some guidance.


What You Get Out of the Baby Created Sleep Method© Program

Before you dive into the program, I want to tell you the extra things I give you, besides the only priceless one of a good night’s sleep! In addition to a good night’s sleep (finally), Baby Created Sleep Method© clients will also receive:

  • Personalized consultation answering all of your questions
  • Detailed and customized written plan to follow at home
  • A signed copy of Creating Sweet Dreams, the essential guidebook from Rachelle
  • Email support for questions that come up during implementation of the program
  • All access to our online community of parents with facilitation by Rachelle